The Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organization


Rules – The Scandinavian Tire & Rim Organization

§ 1 The name of the organization is The Scandinavian Tire and Rim Organization — STRO.

§ 2 The objective of the Organization is
a) to work towards achieving sound technical principles within the tyre, rim and
wheel industry in agreement with internationally adopted standards;
b) to draw up standards and recommendations relating to the use of the aforementioned
products on the basis of the international standards, taking into
account the special Nordic conditions whenever required, and to publish
c) to work actively towards achieving acknowledgement of the afore-mentioned
standards from Nordic authorities, as well as from the automotive industry;
d) to ensure that fixed standards are maintained among members of the
e) to distribute technical information relating to tyres and rims etc. to users and
the mass media.

§ 3 The members of the Organization are classified as being either permanent ,
correspondent or honorary members.

§ 4 Permanent members are individuals, companies or corporations who manufacture
tyres or rims in Europe and has as a main occupation to carry on business with tyres
or rims in the Nordic area.
Every such permanent member of the Organization has the right to appoint a permanent
and a deputy member of the Board.

§ 5 Correspondent members are individuals, companies, corporations or organisation in
the Nordic countries who:
a) has as a main occupation the selling of tyres, rims, wheels or the allocation of
licences for special tyre retreading technology.
b) has as a main occupation, retreding of tyres.
c) has as a main occupation sales of tyre or wheel accessories.
d) has as the main occupation to work with issues relatated to tyres or rims.

§ 6 The distinction Honorary members is given to person whome:
a) during a long periode of time has done considerable contribution
to the organisation.
b) otherwise have honored the organisation.

§ 7 Permanent member has the right to participate at the Board meetings.
Every permanent member has one wote and receive minutes from STRO board
meetings and other relevant information.

§ 8 Correspondent members receive minutes and other relevant information. On
receiving a special invitation, it is possible for a correspondent member to participate
at the Board’s ordinary meetings.Any issues which members want to be discussed at
these meetings should be given notice of at the latest three weeks before the meeting.

§ 9 Honorary members are given a diploma and will be present in the STRO databook.

§ 10 Anyone who wants to become a member should submit a written application to the
Board, which will then decide.

§ 11 Membership can be terminated 12 months after a written application to this
effect is submitted to the Board.

§ 12 Work on behalf of the Organization is performed partly by a permanently
employed General Secretary, and partly by the permanent members:
1. Bridgestone Sweden AB
2. Continental Dekk Norge AS
3. Goodyear Dunlop Tires Sverige AB
4. Michelin Nordic AB
5. Nokian Renkaat Oyj
6. Pirelli Tyre Nordic AB
7. Trelleborg Industri AB
The General Secretary should perform his/her work in accordance with the directive
issued by the Board of the STRO.

§ 13 The Board consists of technical reprisentatives for the permanent members. They
appoint a chairman, a vice-chairman and a treasurer from among the Board members.
These officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a period of one year.
All decisions concerning the STRO should be confirmed and ratified by the Board.

§ 14 The Board appoints those persons who shall
— represent the Organisation externally;
— manage and administrate the Organisation’s assets;
— draw up proposals for Nordic standards;
— represent the Organisation in ETRTO and other international organisations.

§ 15 The Board meets at least 3 times a year, and the final ordinary meeting each
year is the Organization’s Annual General Meeting. After submitting a request
to the chairman, an extraordinary meeting can be held.

§ 16 The dates of the next year’s ordinary meetings are fixed at the final meeting
of the year. A notice to attend the meeting and a copy of the agenda are
distributed at the latest 2 weeks before the date of the meeting.

§ 17 The STRO standards are published in the form of a Data Book which is sold to
members, users, authorities, and other interested parties. The price of the book
is as per the price list approved by the Board. Each member of the Organization,
however, receives one copy of the Data Book free of charge when a new edition
is published. The periodicity for revision of the Data Book is decided upon by
the Board.

§ 18 The accounts should be completed for the calendar year and be kept available for
an auditor’s review at the latest 1 March the following year.The auditors should
complete their review and present their report to the Board by 1 April the latest.

§ 19 The service charges to be paid to the Organization are decided upon for one year
at a time at the Organization’s final meeting of the year prior to the year for which
the new charges will be valid.

§ 20 Proposals relating to changes to the Organization’s regulations can be put
forward at each meeting, but they must be put into writing at least two weeks
before the date of the meeting. To agree upon a decision relating to a change
in the Organization’s regulations, it is necessary for 3/4 of the permanent members
to support the proposal on two meetings held one after the other.

§ 21 To dissolve the Organization requires a decision to be taken at two meetings
held one after the other, and in the order prescribed for making changes to the
regulations. If dissolved, the Organization’s assets should be distributed among
the members in proportion to the fees paid during the financial year.

§ 22 The Organization’s stamp/logotype:

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